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Home in California with lightweight slate roof

Lightweight Slate Roof

Posted By On 27 Nov 2017

When it comes to a traditionally installed slate roof, weights can vary from 650 to 2,500 lbs per square depending on your thickness requirements and design needs. Read More

Signs you need to replace your slate roof (damaged and missing slate tiles)

When to replace your slate roof

Posted By On 23 Nov 2017
A good quality, well maintained slate roof will probably last longer than you live in your home. A big expense up front, but when you consider how long a slate roof will last, that’s money well spent. It pays to examine a slate roof annually and after storms. Read More
slate roof for shed

Slate roof for shed

Posted By On 20 Oct 2017
If you want a shed to last for years, why not put a slate roof on it! Created by nature over 500 million years ago, natural roofing slate has been sheltering man from the elements for more than a thousand years. Read More
Roof pitch diagram showing various slopes

What pitch for a slate roof?

Posted By On 12 Oct 2017
The slope of a roof is often referred to as the roof’s pitch. Generally a slate roof is not installed on a pitch less than 4:12. Read More
Slate roof tile trimmed to a bogen slate

What size are slate roof tiles?

Posted By On 3 Oct 2017
Slate roof tiles can range in size from 12” (length) x 6” (wide) up to 24” (length) x 12” (wide).  Special sizes such as slate-and-a-half can be ordered to reach into valleys, gable ends, hips and dormers. Read More

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