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San Francisco San Francisco Giant: Majestic Murphy’s Windmill

Gets a New Lease on Life in Golden Gate Park

By: Marc Dodson

San Francisco article.pdf

Bore Print Project Profile: B & O Railroad Museum

By: Josephine A. DeLorenzo

Permission from Roofing Contractor, November 2004

B & O Railroad Museum.pdf

Centennial Roof Project Profile: Centennial Roof

By: Rick Damato


St. John the Baptist Cathedral.pdf

 Roofing Contractor June 2015 thumbnail Project Profile: Set In Stone

By: Rick Damato

Roofing Contractor June 2015 – Set In Stone Reprint


nsa “Winds of Change Trilogy…Changes in ASTM Test Methods and Standards for Roofing Slate”

Winds of Change Spring 2005

Winds of Change Winter 2006

Winds of Change Winter 2007

(As printed in the National Slate Association Newsletter – NSA Update)

 North Country Slate supplied Gold Circle Award Winning Projects
NRCA_Gold_Circle_Awards (3) 2014 Gold Circle Award Winner

June 2014-Profiles-Reprint

NRCA_Gold_Circle_Awards (3) 2009 Gold Circle Award Winner

April 2009-Gold Circle-Reprint

NRCA_Gold_Circle_Awards (3) 2012 Gold Circle Award Honorable Mention

Aug 2012-Profiles-reprint

NRCA_Gold_Circle_Awards (3) 2013 Gold Circle Award Winner

Dec 2013-Profiles-Reprint

NRCA_Gold_Circle_Awards (3) 2016 Gold Circle Award Winner

April 2016-Profiles-Reprint