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The TruSlate® System from GAF utilizes real natural quarried slate (rather than synthetic imitations) and a high-tech waterproofing material to produce an affordable, light weight (5 ½ pounds per square foot) roof system for both new construction and remodeling projects. This means you get a real natural slate roof instead of an imitation plastic “not slate” roof.

The system incorporates 12” x 12” natural slate roof shingles and UnderBlock™ UV and Moisture Barrier, a specially blended high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The natural slate roof shingles are what you see. The HDPE is covered by the slate shingles in the course above, and you don’t see.

TrueGrip ™ Battens and Hangers hold the slate shingles and HDPE in place. The stainless steel battens are applied to the roof deck with a power nailer and 1 ¼” coiled stainless steel ring shank nails. The pre-installed hangers are made of spring-hardened, powder-coated stainless steel wire and are virtually invisible from the ground.

The broad range of natural slate colors available for the TruSlate® System offers both the option of a roof of one color or a blended combination of colors that creates a truly unique, one of a kind, crafted slate roof.

For applications where weight is a consideration in the selection of roofing materials, the TruSlate® System allows for the selection of a roofing material that has sheltered the world’s most significant buildings for more than a thousand years. Real natural slate!

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I have never had anything except a 5 Star Experience when working with North Country Slate.

- ABC Supply, Outside Sales

When our clients are looking for a natural slate roof, we highly recommend North Country Slate.

- Raines Brothers, Inc.

We have used North Country black on a large number of occasions, and we’ve found it to be an excellent quality slate it is very “workable”.

- John Chan, The Durable Slate Company


How much does a slate roof cost? We are often asked by designers, architects, home and building owners “What will a slate roof cost me”?
On average, North American produced S-1 rated roofing slate will cost $400 – $600 per square (100 square feet) or $4.00 to $6. Read More
What minimum roof pitch is required in order to utilize slate?
With special consideration for slate size, headlap and underlayment – natural roofing slate can be applied to roofs with a slope of four inches per... Read More
What roof decking is required for the application of slate?
One inch board sheathing or 3/4″ APA plywood provides a suitable deck material for the installation of natural slate. Read More

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