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Slate Roof Pattern Designs

Posted By On 26 Apr 2018

The color of a natural slate is derived from its mineral and chemical composition. Each individual piece is unique with a subtle variation in shade and color. Some slates will weather over time, while others will retain their color. Read More

View looking down at Glendyne slate quarry

Canadian Unfading Black roof slates (North...

Posted By On 23 Apr 2018
Our Canadian Unfading Black roof slates are produced from a single source in St Marc Du Lac Long, Quebec, Canada near the Maine/New Brunswick border. This blue-black slate supplied 80 percent of the Canadian market during the 1880’s and the 1890s. Read More
How to match old slate roof

How to match an old 100 year slate roof

Posted By On 18 Apr 2018
Trying to match a 100 year old slate roof with new slate is never easy. When requested, we send a full range of colors exhibiting weathering characteristics to show roofing contractors, architects and building owners what they can expect to see with these natural slate colors. Read More

Slate roof replacement for City of Kawartha Lakes...

Posted By On 16 Apr 2018
In March 2016, the City of Kawartha Lakes Council approved the restoration of the City Hall. In September and October 2016, we supplied 86 squares of our North Country Unfading Black slate roof tiles (24” x 12” x ¼”) for this slate roof replacement project. Read More

Canadian Unfading Black roof slates supplied for...

Posted By On 12 Apr 2018
You can hear the ringmaster’s voice saying “Step right up, step right up. This way to the fabulous Circus of Life. Come one, come all, and see the most amazing sights in the universe. And the most amazing thing of all is that entrance is free. That's right folks, you don't pay a cent to get in. Read More

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