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A new Mansard slate roof has curb appeal!

By     Dec 7th, 2021
Nice to see the neighbors of this Toronto Semi-Detached home were on the same page when they decided to restore their homes. Years ago, the owners painted the brick and slate, which over time was peeling off and looking dated. The decision to replace with a new slate roof will provide these owners with peace of mind that their roof will last 100 years!

Splitting Roofing Slate Shingles

By     Oct 22nd, 2021
Slate roofs in America date back to the 16th century, but weren't widely used until the late 1800's after the first slate quarry opened in 1785. A demand for slate roofing material emerged in the 1850's as consumers were looking for a good quality roofing material that lasted 100-150 years.

How long does a mansard slate roof last?

By     Oct 5th, 2021
When installed properly using copper fasteners and ASTM S-1 roofing slate, a mansard slate roof will last well over 75 years. The Cabanne House located in Forest Park (St. Louis, MO) was completed in 1876. The Second Empire style house, most easily recognized by its distinctive mansard slate roof, was a popular style throughout St.

Open valley slate roof

By     Sep 20th, 2021
An open valley is one of the most common valleys used in slate roofing in which the chosen flashing material is exposed. After the underlayment is installed across the valley, the flashing is installed providing an additional layer of lining.