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Open valley slate roof

By     Sep 20th, 2021
An open valley is one of the most common valleys used in slate roofing in which the chosen flashing material is exposed. After the underlayment is installed across the valley, the flashing is installed providing an additional layer of lining. Open valleys are advantageous in locations where foliage accumulates and they also shed ice and water more quickly.

Is A Slate Roof Worth The Investment?

By     Oct 9th, 2020
Perhaps you’ve just purchased your dream home built in the 1900’s, visited Europe and fell in love with a chateau, attended a university with a slate roof or you plan on building your custom dream home.  Your home is your biggest personal investment and including a slate roof is a big consideration.

What is a cross gabled slate roof?

By     Jul 16th, 2020
A gable roof is easily recognized by their triangular shape.  Think back to when you were five years old and you drew a picture of your house and family.  Your house was a big square and a triangle over it, add some stick people and voila that was your picture!

Natural Exterior Slate Wall Cladding

By     May 20th, 2020
Natural slate has provided shelter for more than a thousand years. Created by nature over 500 million years ago, slate has proven longevity. A good quality ASTM S-1 rated slate can provide a service life more than 100 years.