Slate roof Iowa – Montgomery County Courthouse – 105 E Coolbaugh St. Red Oak, IA

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The County is named after General Richard Montgomery who was killed in the American Revolutionary War during the failed 1775 invasion of Quebec City, Canada.

The original courthouse was built in Frankfort in 1857 and was a simple wood structure 20’ x 40’ and at the time cost $1,141.50 to build.  After a contest for county seat between Frankfort and Red Oak with Red Oak winning, the courthouse was moved by a team of oxen to Red Oak in the winter of 1865. The building was abandoned during a blizzard and lost in the snow.  It was eventually found and a second story was added to meet the needs of the growing county.

Slate roof replacement at Montgomery County Courthouse with unfading black slate
Montgomery County Courthouse

The second and current courthouse was built in 1890-1891 and is an example of Romanesque Revival style architecture.

In 2016, we supplied our North Country Unfading Black roofing slate, 18” x 12” x ¼” installed with a 3” headlap and 7.5” slate roof exposure.

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