Museum of the City of New York in upper east side Manhattan with slate roof

Museum of the City of New York (MCNY)

Posted By On 9 Jul 2014

Since it first opened its doors to the public in 1923, The Museum of the City of New York has embraced the past, present, and future of the Big Apple, celebrating the city’s cultural diversity. Read More

The Church of Our Lady Immaculate Conception in Guelph, ON viewed from west

The Church of Our Lady Immaculate Conception...

Posted By On 3 Jul 2014
This Roman Catholic gothic style church was built between 1875 and 1883 using local limestone. Its 200 feet twin towers were completed in 1926. To this day it is one of Guelph’s longest construction projects as it took almost 50 years to complete. Read More
Montgomery Chapel in San Francisco, CA with unfading black slate roof

Montgomery Chapel – San Francisco...

Posted By On 24 Jun 2014
Built in 1897, the Montgomery Chapel was named after wealthy businessman, Alexander Montgomery. It is said; he donated $250,000 in 1889 and another $10,000 in 1891 which was used to build Montgomery and Scott halls. In his Will he also donated another $175,000 to the Seminary. Read More
Roofing slate pallets can hold anywhere from 368 to 1700 pieces per pallet depending on size and thickness

Roofing slate packaging

Posted By On 9 Jun 2014
Slates are tightly fitted into a heat treated wood pallet. It’s important that they are braced tightly to prevent breakage during transportation. They are packaged on their edges and never flat. Depending on the size of the slates and pallets, there can be two to three rows of slate. Read More
Orillia Opera House in downtown Orillia with slate turrets

Orillia Opera House (Gordon Lightfoot Auditorium)

Posted By On 2 Jun 2014
The Orillia Opera House, was originally built in 1895 at a cost of $25,000. The building served multiple purposes (auditorium, City Hall offices, Council Chamber, market stalls and a lock up). The auditorium had a balcony similar to those found in formal opera houses in Europe. Read More

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