Orillia Opera House in downtown Orillia with slate turrets

Orillia Opera House (Gordon Lightfoot Auditorium)

Posted By On 2 Jun 2014

The Orillia Opera House, was originally built in 1895 at a cost of $25,000. The building served multiple purposes (auditorium, City Hall offices, Council Chamber, market stalls and a lock up). The auditorium had a balcony similar to those found in formal opera houses in Europe. Read More

Mansard roof with steep sides and slate pattern

Patterned & Multi Colored Roofs

Posted By On 20 May 2014
A slate roof truly can be as unique as you want it! You may decide on a random width single color, multi-color, graduated, scallop shape, floral pattern, diamond point, hang-down or even incorporate the date the building was made! Each slate roof really is one of a kind. Read More

The eyebrow dormer

Posted By On 9 May 2014
It is believed that eyebrow dormers date back to the cottage style thatch roofs from the middle ages. This architectural design was brought to North America in the second half of the 19th century by famous American Architect, Henry Hobson Richardson. Read More
Assortment of snow guards available for slate roofs preventing snow avelanches

Do you have any “snow birds”?

Posted By On 21 Apr 2014
Now that spring weather has finally arrived and you’ve had a chance to get out to do some gardening and cleanup, you may notice that some of your prize plants have suffered because of snow avalanching off your slate roof this past winter. Read More
Unfading Black slate roof at 27 Princess Street near the Wolfe Island Ferry dock

27 Princess Street (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Posted By On 7 Apr 2014
Located in historic downtown Kingston, Ontario, this beautiful rounded corner building was designed by noted architect George Browne in 1841. Read More

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