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Punxsutawney Phil made headlines on February 2, 2014 when he saw his shadow and declared 6 more weeks of winter! After surviving this past winter’s cold temperatures, heavy ice and snow storms, it will be important to have an experienced slate roofer inspect your roof to access any damage that may have occurred.  An experienced “slater” will know how to move around your roof as excessive foot traffic can sometimes cause more damage.  A skilled slater can replace any individual broken pieces and inspect copper flashing details. Over time, you will notice that copper will turn green from the natural patina formed on its surface, just like the Statue of Liberty.  Not to worry it has many years of service left, as it can last up to 70 + years!  Keep in mind it maybe time to replace copper flashings when they turn black.  You will also want to make sure your slater matches the quality and color of slate to the existing roof, as a slate roof can last a very long time if looked after properly!

Some Spring Roof Maintenance Tips:

In addition to cleaning gutters, washing down siding, raking the yard, looking after Spring perennials , retrieving patio furniture from the back of your shed…don’t forget about your roof!  Walk around your house to see if there are broken slates on the ground.  You may also need binoculars to get a better look at your roof from the ground. If you do find a leak, or see missing slates, you will want to call your roofing contractor quickly not only to prevent interior damage in the home, but after a winter like this, it will probably be a busy spring/summer for roofers!

For a list of experienced slate roofing contractors in your area, please contact us at 1-800-975-2835 or info@ncslate.com

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  • Posted on 09-11-2017 by Bobby Saint

    I like that you mentioned cleaning the gutters, washing down sidings, and looking for possible leaks in your roof as some of the basic tips for maintaining your home. Always make sure to sweep off fallen leaves to make sure that there is no blockage in the gutters or pipes to prevent clogging. Also, check for any loose screws in your shingles that can possibly cause an accident. If you don’t have the time to inspect them yourself, it is always good to hire a licensed roofer to get them checked on a regular basis. Thanks.