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Kansas Slate ShinglesNorth Country Slate is your premier residential and commercial natural roofing slate supplier, proudly servicing different areas of Kansas, including, Mission Hills, Leawood and Atchison since 1997. Our company has an established reputation for providing high quality roofing slate products and excellent customer service. North Country Slate welcomes the opportunity to assist you with a new roof, re-roof or roof repair. Located in the northeastern quadrant of the state, the U.S. Post Office located at 621 Kansas Avenue in Atchison, was the starting point and headquarters for mail to the West. Built in 1892, the post office is an example of Romanesque style architecture with native ashlar limestone, hip roof and conical top. The post office was listed on the National Register on March 16, 1972. Recently, a Bill was sponsored to rename the post office after Atchison’s legendary Amelia Earhart – we supplied our North Country Unfading Black (16” x 8” x ¼”) for this historic re-roofing project. The Atchison County Courthouse, located at 423 North 5th St., was the second courthouse built on this site. In order to meet the need of the growing Atchison county, the current courthouse was built between 1896 and 1897, with a similar design to the Franklin County Courthouse in Ottawa. This impressive Romanesque-style courthouse has a hip roof with large intersecting gable dormers on the north, east, south sides, gray ashlar stone exterior and a seven-story clock tower. The courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 16, 1975. Our North Country Unfading Black, 18” x 9” x ¼” was chosen for this re-roof project. The historic Waggener House, also known as the Gargoyle Home, located at 819 N 4th Street in Atchison was built between 1884-1885. Mr. Waggener, a politician and railroad lawyer in the area in the late 1800’s, built the Victorian style house with gargoyles perched atop the gabled roof. Gargoyles historically have been positioned on buildings and dwellings to stave off evil spirits. This house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 3, 1974 and displays our North Country Unfading Black natural roofing slate, 16” x 9” x 3/16” light weight slate. Popular architectural styles in Kansas through the years were:

  • Gothic Revival (1840-1888) known for their steeply pitched roof with cross gables and pointed arch windows
  • Second Empire (1855-1885) with mansard roof and dormer windows
  • Italianate (1840-1885) have low pitched roofs and tall narrow windows
  • Stick Style (1860-1898) Steeply pitched gable roof, usually with cross gables
  • Queen Anne (1880-1910) Irregular shaped homes with steeply pitched roof and bay windows
  • Richardson Romanesque (1880-1900) famous for round towers with conical roofs and rounded topped arches over windows
  • Colonial Revival (1915-1935) – simple 2-storey homes with gable roofs. This style can be found in Sagamore Hill.
  • Neoclassical Revival (1895-1950) – 2-story home with columns, in Mission Hills these homes typically have red brick with white trim, pitched gable or hipped roof.
  • Tudor Revival (1890-1940) – dominant architectural style in Mission Hills. These homes have a roof pitch between 10:12 or 12:12 and common roofing materials are slate and wood shingles.
  • Ranch Style (1950-1975)
  • Mediterranean Revival (turn of century to late 1920’s) – These homes are defined by their symmetrical low-pitched roof, either gabled or hipped, typically with barrel clay tiles installed.

You can find North Country Slate roofs on homes in Mission Hill and Leawood showcasing our custom color blends, which can create a truly unique roof. Random width slates are normally utilized and semi-weathering colors are frequently employed, in a combination with unfading or other semi-weathering slates, to soften the transition from color to color on the roof. For more information on our premium quality roofing slates, please call us at 1-416-724-4666 or info@ncslate.com

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