Slate Roofing Installation Video E-Learning

As the world has been instructed to stay home and self isolate during Covid-19, now is the time to catch up on your reading material and “how to videos”. North Country Slate has recently added 8 slate roofing installation guide videos to our website, produced by the National Slate Association.  These videos cover the basics in slate roofing and answer many questions such as; how to replace a broken piece of slate, underlayment, slate roof layouts, installing slate, Eave, Cants & Gable Rake Edging, installing open and closed valleys,  and cutting and punching slates.

Studies have shown that people tend to be visual learners and by watching demonstrations, it is easier to comprehend the concepts and details. Videos can be used at anytime and everywhere. They increase information retention and are a great tool for new hires.

How many times have you gone onto YouTube to learn how to make or fix something? E-Learning is a great way for the instructor or expert to build a good rapport with the viewer.

We hope you find the 8 videos on our website helpful.  Whether you are a new roofing contractor learning about natural slate roofing installation, or work for an insurance company trying to understand a claim,  or the homeowner, educating yourself on one of the most expensive and durable components of your house…..a slate roof!