How to cut slate roof tiles

Posted By On 31 May 2018

Slate roof tiles are ordered by size and thickness. In some cases, you may need to trim slate to smaller pieces or cut slate based on a roof pattern. The following steps along with the video will show you how easy it is to cut slate roof tiles.

  1. Flip the slate roof tile over so that the back of the slate is facing up.  This will be the smoothest side of the slate.
  2. Using a nail or marker, draw the pattern’s shape or a line if you are resizing a piece.
  3. When cutting slate roof tiles it will generate slate particles and dust, make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area.
  4. Using a guillotine trimmer, gently chip away at the slate following your cutting guide.

Equipment required for cutting slate roof tiles:

  1. Guillotine trimmer
  2. Goggles
  3. Cut Resistant gloves
  4. Nail/marker
  5. Ruler
  6. Measuring tape

Slate Trimmers

Heavy Duty Slate Trimmer
Heavy Duty Slate Trimmer
Spring loaded hand held slate cutter
Spring loaded hand held slate cutter
Genuine Slate Trimmer this heavy duty slate cutter is the best choice for cutting up to 3/8” slate and finishing with a professional chamfered edge
Heavy duty slate trimmer
Patterned Slate Roofs
Slate pattern using guillotine trimmer

In addition to slate roof tiles, we also sell nails, repair hooks and slate tools.  Please call the office at Toll Free 1-800-975-2835 for pricing.

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