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The Origin of North Country Slate

North Country Slate’s origins began as Newfoundland Slate Inc., a company formed in 1990 to develop and exploit a beautiful clear purple slate deposit on the east coast of Canada at Burgoyne’s Cove, Newfoundland. The sole investor in this company was John Carrick Sr., president of McAsphalt Industries Ltd.

Sole Invester Of NCS-John Carrick Sr., President Of Mcasphalt Industries Ltd

Slate production of Newfoundland Slate Inc. (NSI) ceased in 1998 and the operations of the company were wound down. However, John had developed a passion for the roofing slate business and immediately created a new division of McAsphalt with the goal that it would source and distribute natural roofing slate. He employed the former sales/marketing staff of Newfoundland Slate and the division he created would come to be known as North Country Slate.

News About Glendyne Material Recognised As North Country Unfading Black

In early 1997 John became aware of a quarry start up in eastern Quebec developing a high quality deposit of unfading black slate in the tiny village of St. Marc-du-Lac-Long. This young quarry start-up was Glendyne Quarries Inc.

Management staff of North Country Slate met with the owner of Glendyne in the summer of 1997 to discuss their production capabilities and to negotiate a distribution arrangement with them. These discussions were concluded and in September 1997 North Country Slate was appointed as the exclusive distributor for Glendyne’s products throughout North America. This agreement would prove to be the springboard that launched Glendyne as the largest and most efficient roofing slate producer in North America, with an exclusive distribution partnership with North Country Slate that continues to this day. The goal of Glendyne is to manufacture the highest quality and be the most efficient producer of roofing slate in North America. The Glendyne material has become recognized throughout North America as North Country Unfading Black.

North Country Slate Industry

In June of 2004 North Country Slate suffered the loss of John Carrick Sr, the founder of the business and the inspiration for everything that North Country Slate is. “Your word is your bond, a hand shake is a contract, and you do what you say you are going to do”. It was a great loss but he had laid a solid foundation for our business and we continue to follow in his footsteps today.

In February 2007, Glendyne purchased North Country Slate from McAsphalt Industries and in January 2011, North Country Slate was acquired from Glendyne by its long time president Dave Large.

North Country Slate Acquired From Glendyne By Dave Large

At the same time as North Country Slate was forging a partnership with Glendyne, the management team also developed relationships with all the dominant producers of roofing slate in the slate valley of Vermont and New York. The goal was to ensure multiple sources of each color produced in the region, so that North Country would be better able to service customers and projects with more readily available inventory and production scheduling.

North Country Slate also has made a commitment to carrying significant inventories of all its North American produced slate colors to ensure projects start up and are completed on schedule. Our sales team is made up of individuals with 12 to 22 years of experience with the company, all having intimate knowledge of roofing slate and the roofing slate industry, and with an unwavering commitment to customer service.

North Country Slate holds membership in many industry associations including the National Roofing Contractors Association, North/East Roofing Contractors Association, Western States Roofing Contractors Association, Canadian Roofing Contractors Association, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Association for Preservation Technology International, Vermont Slate Quarry Association, Slate Roofing Contractors Association, and the National Slate Association.North Country Slate Membership

Dave Large, the company president has been an active member of Committee C-18 Dimension Stone of ASTM International since 1999, sitting on the C18.01 Test Methods, C18.03 Material Specifications sub-committees and as a member of the C18.03-04 Slate Task Force. Committee C18 is responsible for establishing and monitoring material test methods, specifications, terminology and practices for natural roofing slate. He also serves as vice-president of the National Slate Association and is one of the co-authors of the association’s Slate Roofs: Design and Installation Manual. In addition to his general duties with the organization, he is responsible for their material standards undertakings including interaction with ASTM International related to C406 Standard Specification for Roofing Slate, hail impact, wind, and fire testing to name a few.

With our commitment to our customers and projects through knowledge, service, and high quality products, and our commitment to our industry through association membership and involvement, North Country Slate is well positioned to look after your every need. Contact us and check out the difference!

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I have never had anything except a 5 Star Experience when working with North Country Slate.

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When our clients are looking for a natural slate roof, we highly recommend North Country Slate.

- Raines Brothers, Inc.

We have used North Country black on a large number of occasions, and we’ve found it to be an excellent quality slate it is very “workable”.

- John Chan, The Durable Slate Company
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