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Slate Roof Installation – Eave, Gable & Cant Details

In this segment we will show some common details used for eave cants, and gable rake edging.

Eave Cants and Gable Rake Edging

All slate roofs require a cant strip at the eave. The cant raises the butt end of the starter course and the first full course to the same plane or angle as the following courses above. Without a cant, a gap would be present between the starter and first few courses that could cause those rows to break under foot or snow load and could provide an area where water could enter the roofing system. The height of the cant is about the same thickness as two-field slate.

There are several different ways to install a cant. A wood or PVC strip could be used on top of the metal edging or in this example we will be using edging with an inverted V bent into the edging to create the cant.

Gable or rake edging is also suggested and should be installed with the flange over top of the underlayment. Different types and thicknesses of metal can be using for the edging, using a metal that will last as long as the slate roof is an important consideration when selecting which one to use. I hope this has helped you understand the basics of gable edging and cants.

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