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Award Winning Projects

NRCA Gold Circle Award Winning Projects Supplied by North Country Slate

Notable Projects

Historic Restoration Slate Roofing Projects

British Columbia Slate Roofing

North Country Slate’s activities in the British Columbia natural roofing slate industry have centered on the upscale custom housing market for decades.

Illinois Slate Roofing

North Country Slate has been providing natural roofing slate in the great state of Illinois for decades in both the restoration and new construction markets.

Maryland Slate Roofing

North Country Slate has been servicing the Maryland slate roof shingle market for over 20 years in partnership with local qualified slate roofing contractors who are operating at the top of their...

Massachusetts Slate Roofing

North Country Slate has serviced the Massachusetts’ slate roofing market for over twenty years through our exclusive distributor, The New England Slate Company.

New York Slate Roofing

North Country Slate’s activities in the New York state roofing slate market goes back decades with municipal, institutional, state and residential projects of every kind.

Texas Slate Roofing

From one of our very early Lone Star state residential projects in Austin more than 20 years ago, to the many residential, institutional and state projects of today, North Country Slate has...

Ontario Slate Roofing

Ontario Canada is the home of North Country Slate. This is where it began, and we have done restoration, new residential and commercial building projects the full length and width of the province.

Quebec Slate Roofing

The province of Quebec is home to our North Country Unfading Black quarry, the famous “Canadian” black slate, and North Country Slate shingles of all colors have been supplied for roof...