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The decision to grace your project with a natural slate roof is one that you will be thankful for, many years into the future. It speaks volumes about your good taste, your design sense – and your common sense. North Country slates are available in a wide variety of colors. Slates of various color, size and thickness are frequently blended together to create truly unique multi-colored roofs. There’s a selection to match virtually any design aesthetic you could wish for. Take the time to review all of our color options available.

Select up to 3 slate colors for a side by side comparison of their natural color range.

North Country Unfading Black
<span>North Country</span> Unfading Black
North Country Semi-Weathering Vermont Black
<span>North Country</span> Semi-Weathering  Vermont Black
North Country Semi-Weathering Gray/Black (Strata Gray)
<span>North Country</span> Semi-Weathering  Gray/Black (Strata Gray)
North Country Semi-Weathering Gray
<span>North Country</span>  Semi-Weathering Gray
North Country Semi-Weathering Gray/Green (Sea Green)
<span>North Country</span> Semi-Weathering  Gray/Green (Sea Green)
North Country Unfading Green
<span>North Country</span> Unfading Green
North Country Unfading Gray
<span>North Country</span> Unfading Gray
North Country Unfading Mottled Purple & Green
<span>North Country</span> Unfading Mottled  Purple & Green
North Country Unfading Purple
<span>North Country</span> Unfading Purple
North Country Semi-Weathering Purple
<span>North Country</span>  Semi-Weathering Purple
North Country Unfading Red
<span>North Country</span> Unfading Red
North Country Multi-Colored/ Custom Blend Roof Slates
<span>North Country</span> Multi-Colored/ Custom Blend Roof Slates

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