Outstanding Natural Slate Material
Uncompromising Quality

Lightweight Slate Roof

North Country Slate offers a traditionally installed natural slate lightweight roof system available in our North Country Unfading Black.

The high-quality stone and schistosity allow this slate to be split into extremely thin thicknesses.  Combined with modern extracting processes and custom fabricating technology makes this slate truly unique. Without compromising durability or structural strength this material is backed by our 75-year warranty covering the delamination or substantial deterioration of the body of the slate. 

Selected for use on both new construction and remodeling projects this often makes slate very practical as a cedar shake upgrade.

At North Country Slate, we’re always ready with the best design and technical advice, to ensure that your new slate roof rises to your expectations. For more information on our traditionally installed natural slate roofs, contact us today and let us help bring your vision to life.