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Ludowici Clay Roof Tile Products by North Country


In 2024, North Country Slate expanded its premier specialty roofing product offerings and became the exclusive distributor of Ludowici architectural clay tile roofing shingles in Canada. It becomes another Natural choice from North Country. 

Since 1888, architects, homeowners, universities, commercial, and government clients have turned to Ludowici for uniquely beautiful architectural terra cotta products that stand the test of time. Crafted in New Lexington, Ohio from locally sourced raw materials, these clay tile products are infinitely customizable and carry a 75-year warranty. 

Made in the USA – Made to Last – Made to Order

Terra cotta clay roofing products have an extensive history in Canada as a desirable lifetime material sheltering the finest custom homes, historic landmark buildings, prestigious universities, and breathtaking churches from coast to coast.  

Making terra cotta tiles is as simple and natural as it sounds: take dirt, mix it with shale, and add fire. Ludowici tiles are composed of 90% shale clay and 10% fire clay and kiln-fired at 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours. This artisanal practice inspired the definition of terra cotta as “Baked or Fired Earth”.

Casa Loma – Toronto, ON – Ludowici Spanish Tile

With over 130 years of experience, Ludowici offers a broad range of colour and texture options, offering endless inspiration to architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

As one of the top roofing manufacturers in the United States, Ludowici offers over 40 different clay roof tile profiles of the highest quality terra cotta available in the market. Ludowici’s clay tiles create a true roof system with no cutting required.

With limitless design and colour options, Ludowici tile profiles include Shingle Tiles, Barrel Tiles and Interlocking Tiles as well as innovative and eco-friendly LudoShakeTM and LudoSlateTM tiles.

Ludowici’s terra cotta shingle tiles are a series of flat (plain) tiles grouped by presenting either a formal or a rustic appearance. 

Formal shingle tiles include Flat Slab, Provincial, Georgian, Cottage, Norman, Calais tiles, which exhibit the following characteristics: 

  • Minimal Texture
  • Consistent Length
  • Square Butts 
  • Fairly Uniform 

Rustic shingle tiles include Antique, Brittany, Crude, Colonial, Rustic Colonial, Cotswold tiles, and exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Heavily Textured 
  • Variable Length
  • Irregular Butts
  • Rough and Rustic 

These noninterlocking pieces are meant to be laid in a double coverage pattern much like slate installation, with modest exposures and unique surface textures that help define the architectural style of each profile. Custom textures can be applied to match historic applications or to meet specific design needs. Texture is often applied to help reduce glare reflected off a tile, highlighting the tile’s true colours. Many of these textures are applied by hand to produce a unique, artisanal appearance that makes a roof shine.

Ludowici offers a wide range of barrel roof tiles known for their convex, barrel-like shape. Their barrel roof tiles are divided into two types based on their historic design origin – Spanish and Mission. Often synonymous with clay roof tile, Spanish tile is prized for its simple, one-piece barrel design, which presents a distinctive pattern of ripples across the surface of a roof. The Barrel Tile Category includes Scandia, Spanish 13, and Spanish 18 profiles.

Barrel Tile: Spanish vs. Mission

Spanish characteristics:

  • One-piece tile
  • Commonly referred to as “S-Tile”
  • 114 – 171 pcs. / sq. 

Mission characteristics:

  • Two-piece tile
  • Commonly referred to as “Pan & Cover”
  • 163 – 225 pcs. / sq. 
  • Wood batten stringer required to support cover tile.

Mission tiles faithfully match authentic Italian, French, and Spanish architecture. High-profile barrels create distinctive shadows that change the look and feel of the roof as the sun moves across the sky, offering a renewed aesthetic experience for every hour of the day.

Barrel tile varieties include: 

  • Spanish – One-piece system, ½” thickness 
  • Interlocking Spanish – Interlocking one-piece system, ¾” + thickness
  • Mission – Two-piece Pan & Cover system, ½” thickness
  • Profile Mission – Two-piece Flat Pan & Cover system, ½” thickness 

Ludowici’s interlocking roof tiles are crafted in a wide variety of elegant shapes, sizes, and surface textures. To assist with the installation process, various interlocking styles are designed to help align tiles, ranging from flat to dimensional profiles, including Ludowici’s signature French terra cotta tile. 

Interlocking Tile physical characteristics consist of:

  • 2 layers at headlap
  • Thickness: ¾ +/-
  • Course Exposure: 8” to 13 3/8”
  • Exposure Width: 8” to 10”

Cedar Shake Roof Alternatives – Lightweight Roofing at 6 lbs. / Sq. Ft.

Ludowici’s clay tile roof alternatives mirror the appearance of wood shakes, but with a greater lifespan, less maintenance, and superior craftsmanship. LudoShakeTM tiles are Grade 1 ASTM certified for less than 2% water absorption, non-combustible and non-fading characteristics provide an authentic, natural look. 

LudoShakeTM interlocking roof tile is a lightweight roofing option and a perfect selection to meet any renovation weight requirements. 

Slate Roof Alternatives – Lightweight Roofing at 6 lbs. / Sq. Ft.

Interlocking LudoSlateTM tiles are available as a lightweight alternative to natural slate shingles that is far superior and more durable than synthetic slate. With a non-combustible rating and Grade 1 ASTM certification for less than 2% water absorption, LudoSlateTM will never fade or curl like other slate imitations. 

Colours of Ludowici

With over 50 standard colours and the ability to custom-match any hue, Ludowici’s colour possibilities are endless. 

Clay red represents the base colour for all terra cotta products. Colour glazes are applied to achieve any other colour and fused during the kiln-fire process. Natural variations occur with lasting tones within each colour. The result is a permanent, non-fading finish. 

75-Year Limited Material Warranty

A combination of old-world craftsmanship and modern production technology ensures all Ludowici products are backed by a 75-year limited material warranty. Ludowici products have a proven track-record of durability to withstand the test of time in Canada’s coldest climates.   

Ludowici Roofing Catalogue

Over 400 years ago in Rome, Italy, the Ludowici family became famous for its expertly crafted roof tile. Today, that old-world legacy continues in the small town of New Lexington, Ohio. Ludowici’s long-trusted reputation for developing exceptionally beautiful architectural terra cotta roofing products are now exclusively available through North Country as our timeless tradition of premier specialty roofing products continues. Take the time to review all the options available to ensure your new terra cotta clay tile roof rises to your expectations.


Yes. Ludowici premium quality terra cotta tile products outperform all ASTM C 1167 test requirements for proven performance in all climate conditions.

A natural, pleasing variation in colour will present itself in every clay tile roof. Some of the factors that contribute to this allure include raw materials used, tile placement within the kiln when fired, and the chemical composition of glazes applied.

Yes! Both LudoShakeTM and LudoSlateTM are lightweight interlocking roof tiles that weigh less than 600 lbs. per square. 

Certainly! If architectural roof plans and elevations are provided, Ludowici’s Technical Department will provide you with all the necessary field and accessory trim tiles to complete your roofing project. 

Terra cotta clay tile has been used as a building and roofing material for over 8,000+ years, dating back to the 1st century Roman Colosseum construction.  

Custom textures can be applied to match historic applications or to meet your specific design aesthetic. 

Ludowici offers three-tiered levels of roofer programs – Factory Installation Training (F.I.T.), Crown Roofer, and Elite Crown Roofer. Each level requires stringent vetting and a thorough training process.

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