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North Country Unfading Black

Unfading Black Roofing Slate Shingle North Country Unfading Black is a premium quality roofing slate offering an elegant and lasting roof for both new construction and restoration projects. Favorably compared to the famous slate of the Monson region of Maine, this smooth, rich black slate with a slight luster has earned the admiration of architects, contractors and building owners around the world. North Country Unfading Black slate premium roofing materials meets or exceeds ASTM requirements as an S-1 rated roofing slate. This black coloured slate roofing material is produced by a single quarry, North America’s largest, and is exclusive to North Country.
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Glendyne roofing slate is recognized worldwide achieving the highest standards of testing throughout North America; ASTM C406/C406M-10, and Europe; CE (Conformity European) BS EN 123261: 2004 (British Standard European Norm) Classification A1, T1, S1, NF (Norm Francais) NF 228 and ATG (Belgium Standard) STS 34.03.6.
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Top-notch Black coloured Slates from NC Slate

Unfading Black Slate Roof, Red Brick Exterior And Slate Turret With Copper Finial

Lady Meredith House at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Queen Anne Style architecture with a North Country Unfading black coloured slate roof, red brick exterior and slate turret with copper finial.

Unfading Black Roofing Slate In Smooth Texture

San Francisco Theological Seminary’s Montgomery Chapel with ASTM C-406 S-1 unfading black roofing slate in smooth texture.

Non Fading Black Roofing

Custom home non fading black roofing slate with ridge cresting, red brick, snow guards and mitred hip.

Canadian Unfading Black

Custom home in Kelowna, British Columbia, random width slate in Canadian unfading black.

Fort Myers Building

Fort Myers Building #236 (Historic Horse Stable “Caisson”) in Arlington, VA North Country Unfading Black, supplied 167 squares of 20” x 10” x Medium Texture. Low slope installation, vertical slate wall and snow guards

Canadian Black Mansard Slate Roof

Typical Montreal residence with a Canadian black mansard slate roof with a pattern and metal hips.

Private Residence With Red Brick Exterior

Private residence in Cobourg with red brick exterior, with skylight. Glendyne black 20” x 12” x ¼” supplied for this home.

Texas Courthouse

Texas Courthouse chose our unfading black coloured slate which was delivered from stock, environmentally safe, non-combustible, fireproof and proven performance on rooftops.

Mcgill University Slate

McGill University slate turret cap and mitred hip. Unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles of Montreal weather.

Peaks Of Tower

Finials can be produced from wood, metal, clay, copper and are installed at the peaks of towers, tip roofs, turrets. Depending on the architecture of the building they can be very simple or very decorative.

Stout House In Dubuque

Stout House in Dubuque, Iowa selected North Country Unfading Black which exceeds ASTM requirements of an S-1 rated roofing slate. Roofing details include a saddle ridge and copper ridge cresting.

Romanesque Architecture

Romanesque architecture, narrow slates used in top courses of turret

Canadian Black Slate Roofing

Custom home in Edmonton, Canadian Black slate in 20” x 10” x medium texture supplied. Medium textured slates vary in thickness from ¼” to 3/8” and weigh approximately 1100 LBS per square

Bay Window With Unfading Black Slate Roof

Bay window with unfading black slate roof

German Style Slate Roof

Custom home with a German style slate roof, vertical slate walls, slate chimney and slate fascia.

Cladding With Honeycomb Facade

Cladding with honeycomb façade can be laid either left or right. Each piece is hand cut using a slate trimmer and template.

Texas Courthouse

Texas courthouse selected North Country Unfading Black roofing slate for their restoration

Goderich Town Hall With Cut Stone Exterior

Goderich Town Hall with cut stone exterior and mansard slate roof. Canadian non fading black 20” x 10” x 3/16” supplied for this project

New Unfading Black Slate And Lead Coated Copper Roofing

New unfading black slate and lead coated copper roofing installed with metal gutters.

Golden Gate Park’s Murphy’s Windmill In San Francisco

Golden Gate Park’s Murphy’s Windmill in San Francisco, California installed 54 squares of North Country Unfading Black 12” x 6” x 3/16”. Angled hip cuts were mitered at each of the eight vertical hips.

Goliad County Courthouse In Texas

Goliad County Courthouse in Texas underwent a major renovation in 2004. 63 squares of our North Country Unfading Black in 18” x 9” x ¼” was supplied for this project.

Huron Historic Gaol

Huron Historic Gaol built in an octagonal shape and built with stone quarried from nearby Maitland River and North Country Unfading Black roofing slate.

Snow Retention Systems

Snow retention systems are installed to prevent personal and private property damage caused by avalanching snow. Some refer to them as snow birds, snow rails, snow brackets, snow dogs or snow guards. They are can appear very basic in a pad style or decorative with floral patterns, birds or stars.

Maison De Lucie Restaurant In Pohenegamook

Maison De Lucie restaurant in Pohenegamook, Quebec one of the first unfading black roofing slate projects.

Slate Tiles On A Mansard Roof With Dormers

Slate tiles on a mansard roof with dormers.

Mcgill University’s Mctavish Pumping Station

McGill University’s McTavish Pumping Station resembles a French Renaissance castle with turrets and copper finials.

Steep Slope Slate Roof

Steep slope slate roof installed with North Country Unfading Black 16” x 8” x ¼”

Smooth Texture Non Fading Black Slate

230 squares of 16” x 8” x ¼” smooth texture non fading black ASTM S-1 slate installation.

Rooftop Terrace With Mansard Slate Roof

Rooftop terrace with mansard slate roof. Metal dormer walls. Saddle hip install.

Slate Roof With Snow Apron

Slate roof with snow apron. Slate o’clock.

Murphy’s Windmill

Murphy’s Windmill with 15’ copper clad dome atop the tower and slate wall cladding

Steep Pitch Unfading Black

Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate church in Guelph, Ontario is a Gothic Revival Style building built with local limestone, steep pitch unfading black slate roof with dormers, gables, metal hips, pointed arches and pinnacles.

San Francisco Theological Seminary

San Francisco Theological Seminary’s Montgomery Chapel is Richardson Romanesque style architecture with North Country Unfading Black roofing slate.

Church Roof With Slate

Church roof with slate. Unfading Black. Steep slope roofing. Architectural copper metal work

Staggered butt, hang down slate roof installation

Slate garden. Staggered butt installation.

Slate Wall Application With Scalloped Slates

Slate wall application with scalloped slates

Patterned Slate Roofs

Patterned slate roofs available in different shapes and colors create a unique roof. Slate is cut into diamond point, fish scale, scalloped and octagonal to name a few.

Unfading Black Roof Slate Shingle

Steigel Coleman Stables In Lititz

Steigel Coleman Stables in Lititz, PA built in 1757. We supplied 20" x 12" x 1/4"

Lake Forest Train Station In Illinois

Lake Forest Train Station in Illinois. Built in 1900 the original slate roof was replaced with cedar in the 1980s due to budget. In 2011, we supplied 155 squares of our North Country Unfading Black roofing slate for the restoration.

Luxury Resort, Skytop Club

Luxury resort, Skytop Club with 95 squares of North Country Unfading Black natural roof slates.

Street view of Toronto's First Post Office at 260 Adelaide Street East

Toronto's First Post Office located at 260 Adelaide Street East. North Country Unfading Black (Canadian Black) installed (27 squares of 18" x 9" x 1/4")

Street view of former Bank of Upper Canada building located at 252 Adelaide Street East

Former Bank of Upper Canada building located at 252 Adelaide Street East with 41 squares of North Country Unfading Black natural roof slates, 18" x 9" x 1/4" smooth textured slates.

Slate roof replacement in Little Rock Arkansas with North Country Unfading Black on the Pulaski County Courthouse

Pulaski County Courthouse in Little Rock, Arkansas with new North Country Unfading Black slate roof and unfading green slate pattern.

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I have never had anything except a 5 Star Experience when working with North Country Slate.

- ABC Supply, Outside Sales

When our clients are looking for a natural slate roof, we highly recommend North Country Slate.

- Raines Brothers, Inc.

We have used North Country black on a large number of occasions, and we’ve found it to be an excellent quality slate it is very “workable”.

- John Chan, The Durable Slate Company
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On average, North American produced S-1 rated roofing slate will cost $400 – $600 USD per square (100 square feet) or $4.00 to $6. Read More

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