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Natural Slate Roof Shingles & Products

Lightweight Slate

Lightweight Slate

North Country Slate offers a traditionally installed natural slate lightweight roof system available in our North Country Unfading Black.
Slate Cladding

Slate Cladding

We have supplied our natural slate exterior cladding and siding to countless homes, hotels, schools, and commercial buildings.
GAF TruSlate

GAF TruSlate

The TruSlate® System from GAF utilizes real natural quarried slate and a high-tech waterproofing material to produce an affordable, lightweight roof system for both new construction and remodeling projects.
Slate Tools and Accessories

Slate Tools & Accessories

Offering a complete supply of specialty slate roofing tools, nails, repair hooks and snow guards for the installation and repair of slate roofs.
Class A Fire Rated Products

Product Benefits

A North Country Slate roof is at the top of the list when considering specialty roofing products. Its benefits and aesthetics are endless.

Discover The Durability Of Vermont Roofing Slate

Nestled in the gentle hills of the Temiscouata region in south-eastern Quebec Canada; and in the rolling hills of the Green Mountains of Vermont; lies the finest natural slate deposits found anywhere in the world. As well as producing the most durable slate shingles, these mineral rich deposits also yield a unique color palette found nowhere else on earth. Worked to produce roofing slate tiles for over a hundred years, in many cases by families with generations of experience, the quarries here have a proven track record for quality materials and fabrication that has found markets for their products around the world.

Traditional Roofing Slate Colors

The rich black slates from Quebec Canada are favorably compared to the once famous Monson slates produced in Maine, having a smooth texture and slight luster. Quarried and manufactured by the largest roofing tiles slate producer in North America, these slates, readily available from inventory, are also an excellent quality and color alternative to the best blue black slates ever produced in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

In the United States and Canada, the black slates from this single quarry have been the roof covering of choice for some of the most treasured historic buildings and luxury custom homes in North America. They have also earned global respect and are exported to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and elsewhere around the world.

The well-established quarries of Vermont produce the traditional North American colored roofing tile slates for sale in greens, grays, purples, mottled purples, blacks, gray/blacks and reds. In many cases, these colored slates are available with both unfading and weathering color characteristics.

Vermont slates have been used extensively on college campuses, government buildings, houses of worship, in residential neighborhoods and on the most magnificent homes across the continent for over a hundred years. They have no equal in the world for quality, color, and longevity and have earned the respect of the global market as well.

These two prolific slate regions produce natural roofing slate tiles for sale with no equal and without compromise!

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