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North Country Multi-Colored/Custom Blend Slates

North Country Slate Multi-Colored / Custom Blend Roofing Shingles A blend of slate colors can be supplied to create a truly unique roof. North Country offers design suggestions on color, size, thickness and installation techniques which will produce a spectacular custom roof.
Multi-Colored Blend Of Green, Gray And Purple Slate

A traditional and timeless multi-colored blend of green, gray and purple slate in semi-weathering and non-fading characteristics.

Steep Slope Roofing With Different Colors

Steep slope roofing with different colors and weathering characteristics.

Multi-Colored Mansard Roof With Evenly Mixed Natural Slate

Multi-colored mansard roof with evenly mixed natural slate roofing tones.

Unfading Green, Purple And Semi-Weathering Gray/Green

North Country Unfading Green, North Country Unfading Purple and Semi-Weathering Gray/Green were evenly blended together to avoid any blotchiness in the roof design. Slate turret.

Classic Eyebrow Dormer And Hipped Roof

Classic eyebrow dormer and hipped roof complete with copper gutters and downspouts.

Blend Of UF Black, Semi-Weathering Green And Purple

A truly unique and one of a kind slate roof featuring a 3 color blend of UF Black, Semi-Weathering Green and Purple. A combination of beaver tail and diamond point slates were custom trimmed for this project.

Unfading Green And North Country Variegated Purple

Bear Mountain State Park located on the west side of the Hudson River in Bear Mountain, NY. 16” x Random width slate with a 6.5” exposure were installed using North Country Unfading Green and North Country Variegated Purple.

Vermont Multi-Colored Saddle Hipped Roof

Vermont multi-colored saddle hipped roof.

Decorative Style Church Roof With An Unfading Green

Decorative style church roof with an Unfading Green and Non-Fading Red pattern.

Unfading Black Roofing Slate With A Custom North Country Unfading Green Slate

North Country Unfading Black roofing slate with a custom North Country Unfading Green slate pattern at the magnificent St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica

Trinity Slate Variegated Purple Roof

Newfoundland Slate; Trinity Slate variegated purple roof.

Hang-Down Installation

Hang-down (Staggered Butt) installation creating a textural slate roof with an abundance of curb appeal.

Wavy Butt, Random Slating Pattern

Wavy butt, random slating pattern. Slates are custom trimmed on site creating a textured, vintage slate look.

Blend Of Unfading Black, Semi-Weathering Vermont Clear Gray And Unfading Green Slate

Unique blend of North Country Unfading Black, Semi-Weathering Vermont Clear Gray and Unfading Green slate were installed with copper nails and flashings.

Vermont Gray

Vermont Gray (Weathering) displaying buff, brown and tan tones that offer the various color changes over time.

Unfading Green Slate

Unfading Green slate with clipped corners (shallow bevel) is commonly used to accent a roof with a decorative band. Mansard roof detail.

Unfading Red, Canadian Black And Non-Fading Vermont Green

Three colored blend of North Country Unfading Red, Canadian Black, Non-Fading Vermont Green slated along this gable wall in a pointed / honeycomb pattern.

Blending Slates From Several Pallets

Blending slates from several pallets during installation eliminates the potential for blotchy sections on a roof.

Ornamental Iron Cresting And Semi-Circular Copper Dormer Windows

Glanmore National Historic Site of Canada was built in 1883 and its mansard roof exhibits the endless possibilities of natural roofing slate. Ornamental iron cresting and semi-circular copper dormer windows embrace the craftsmanship.

Mixed Colored, Diamond Point, Concave Mansard Slate Roof

A mixed colored, diamond point, concave mansard slate roof and copper metal hip.

Multi-Colored Ornate Slate Roof

Concave copper hip / multi-colored ornate slate roof.

Steep-Sloped Roofing

Steep-sloped roofing. North Country roofing slate, when fixed with non-corroding nails or hooks, can provide a service life in excess of 100 years.

Trinity Purple and Trinity Green premium grade roofing slate quarried in Newfoundland, Canada.

Multi-Colored Slate Roof

This multi colored slate roof is a combination of the most popular colors. Installation is an architectural variation using longer slates creating a hang-down appearance.

Cornell University

Cornell University with North Country Unfading Black slate roof with a unfading green and unfading red slate pattern. Unfading Black slates are scalloped shape.

Custom Blend Of 4 Popular Roofing Slate Colors

Custom blend of 4 popular roofing slate colors, 18" length x random width x 1/4" to 1/2" thick (graduated)

Custom Four Color Blend Of North Country Slate

A custom four color blend of North Country Slate's popular colors by mixing unfading and weathering colors creates a one of a kind roof.

North Country Custom Multi-Color Blend Slate Roof

North Country Custom mult-color blend slate roof with copper ridge.

Multi-Colored Roof Slate Shingles

The creation of mock-up boards will allow the designer to evaluate various percentages of color combinations being considered.

Multi-Colored Roof Slate

Multi-Colored Roof Slates

Multi-Colored Roof Slates North Country Slate

Multi-Colored Roof Slate Shingles North Country Slate

Multi-Colored Roof Slate Shingles NC Slate

Custom Slate Roof

Custom Slate Multi-Colored Roof

Custom Slate Roof North Country Slate

Custom Slate Multi-Colored Roof North Country Slate

Custom Slate Multi-Colored Roof NC Slate

Custom Roof Slate Shingles

Roof Slate Shingles North Country Slate

Custom blend of North Country Unfading Black and North Country Semi-Weathering Vermont Black premium roofing slate shingles.

Multi-colored Slate Shingles

De La Salle College located at 256 Adelaide Street East. Classic example of Second Empire architecture with a mansard slate patterned roof (North Country Unfading Black and North Country Unfading Grey).

Close up of a custom multi colored slate roof with copper snowguards

Close up view of Queen's University new Innovative and Wellness Centre with a multi colored slate roof tiles (semi-weathering green slate, unfading mottled purple and green slate, semi-weathering purple slate, semi-weathering gray/black slate, unfading green). Slate supplied was 16" length x random width x 1/4" thickness, installed with a 3" headlap and 6.5" exposure.

Old Kingston Fire Hall

Old Kingston Fire Hall now Lone Star restaurant with North Country Unfading Black slate and Green slate pattern.

Queen's University Theological Hall

Queen's University Theological Hall close up of pattern slate roof with North Country Unfading Black and North Country Semi-Weathering Green slate for the pattern. Local limestone exterior, copper, iron and slate on this Romanesque Revival style building sets it apart from most other campus buildings.

Multi-Color Blend Slate roof

Tudor Style home with three colors of slate (North Country Unfading Green, North Country Semi-Weathering Green, Purple) size, 18" x random width x 1/4"

Mansard slate roof with pattern

Toronto heritage property (62-64 Charles Street East), part of the Casa Condominiums in Yorkville. This semi-detached home was built in 1885. Late 19th Century Second Empire style home with a distinctive mansard roof with slate pattern. North Country Unfading Black with North Country Unfading Green slate pattern. Size is 14" x 7" x 1/4"

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We have used North Country black on a large number of occasions, and we’ve found it to be an excellent quality slate it is very “workable”.

- John Chan, The Durable Slate Company
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