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Quality North American Slate Roof Shingles

North Country Slate produces the highest quality roofing slate in the world and its specification is recognized across North America as a requirement for quality.

Natural slate roofing has been protecting and adorning buildings for over a thousand years. A concise slate roof specification and knowledgeable application will yield a slate roof that will last a hundred years, or more. It pays to choose your Vermont slate roofs wisely. The finest Canadian and Vermont roofing slate, from North Country, can endure for centuries on a roof…many imported or imitation slates, cannot.

North Country Slate’s experienced staff will provide the expertise, information and technical support to get your roofing slate job done, on time and on budget. Slate shingle by shingle, we’ve built a world-class reputation for quality and excellence.

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2016 Gold Circle Award Winner                         2014 Gold Circle Award Winner

2013 Gold Circle Award Winner                         2009 Gold Circle Award Winner

2012 Gold Circle Award Honorable Mention     2009 Gold Circle Award Honorable Mention

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