Welcome to North Country Slate

North Country Slate produces the highest quality roofing slate in the world and its specification is recognized across North America as a requirement for quality.


Natural slate roofing has been protecting and adorning buildings for over a thousand years. A concise slate roof specification and knowledgeable application will yield a slate roof that will last a hundred years, or more. It pays to choose your Vermont slate roofs wisely.  The finest Canadian and Vermont roofing slate, from North Country, can endure for centuries on a roof...many imported or imitation slates, cannot.

North Country Slate's experienced staff will provide the expertise, information and technical support to get your roofing slate job done, on time and on budget. Slate shingle by shingle, we've built a world-class reputation for quality and excellence.


What Our Clients Say About Us

"We have acres of black slate under our jurisdiction and have recently revised our roofing slate specification which has been in place for decades. It now reads... North Country - No Equal"

"I just thought I would call. We just received the first shipment of North Country for our project and it is the best slate we have ever seen...from the quality of the product, to the quality of the crating, to the courtesy of the truck driver"

"Competitors are quoting deliveries in terms of weeks and months. North Country is quoting deliveries in terms of days. What a pleasant surprise"

"We have routinely allowed 5-10%, or more, for waste and breakage. We had virtually zero breakage in our North Country order and the slate was so easy to work with that almost every piece found a place on the roof"