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North Country Unfading Green project (1 Post Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Posted By On 7 Jan 2015
One Post Road luxury condo at Bayview and Post Road in Toronto with Unfading Green slate roof

Located in Canada’s most affluent neighborhood, the Bridle Path, is often referred to as “Millionaire’s Row” or “Toronto’s Beverly Hills”.  Often misspelled as “Bridal Path”, its name Bridle Path came about because of the equestrian paths used by many of the original estate owners prior to development.  In 1937, E P Taylor, a Canadian business tycoon and famous thoroughbred race horse breeder purchased a large lot in the Bridle Path and called his farm Windfields.  He would later become famous as the owner/breeder of the great horse, Northern Dancer!

One Post Road is right at the corner of Bayview and Post Road, an impressive 42 unit luxurious condominium with limestone exterior, stately circular drive and beautiful Unfading Green slate roof!  We supplied 220 squares of our North Country Unfading Green  (18” x 10” x ¼”) back in 2001.

Homes in this area range from $5 million to $20 million.  Just in case you were curious…..a 4000 square foot condo unit could be yours for a cool $4 million!

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