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  • How are slate roof tiles attached?

    Slate roof tiles are holed with two nail holes, located approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top of the slate and 1 ¼” – 1 ½’ in from each side. They are attached with copper nails (10 gauge) and typically smooth shank in the event they need to be repaired it’s easier to cut with a slate ripper. The required length of the nail will be twice the slate’s thickness plus an inch. You can READ MORE ABOUT NAILS USED ON A SLATE ROOF HERE.

  • Can a slate roof be repaired?

    ABSOLUTELY YOU CAN REPAIR A SLATE ROOF! Sometimes a slate roof can be damaged by stress cracks, over nailing, foot traffic, fallen tree limbs and inclement weather. A slate roof can last 100 plus years so when a few pieces or a section of the roof is damaged, it’s worth repairing. More importantly, finding an experienced contractor will ensure the repair is done properly and not repaired with a roofing cement which doesn’t last and makes future repairs difficult. An experienced slate roofer will be able to match the existing color, and identify the size and thickness. The rule of thumb is if 20-30% of the slates are damaged, it’s better to replace the entire roof. CONTACT US for an experienced slate roof specialist in your area.