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Few states have had as outsized an impact on America as the Wolverine State of Michigan has. More famous for its contributions to the American Automotive Industry and the Industrialization of America in the 20th century than it is for any actual wolverines, the state has nonetheless earned a rugged, individualistic, and decidedly American reputation. In addition to being the home of iconic industrialist Henry Ford and many other automotive industry pioneers, Michigan’s impact on the American Music Industry cannot be overstated. Michigan’s oversized influence on the American industrial and cultural landscaped is matched in its contributions to U.S. Sports, playing host to the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings, the NFL’s Detroit Lions, the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, and MLB’s Detroit Tigers, and true to its automotive industrial history, Michigan also has its very own Michigan International Speedway that hosts many NASCAR races.

North Country Slate has been proud to supply the Great Lake State with Slate for decades. While our slate has been installed on a wide variety of businesses and homes, some of the projects that we are most thrilled to have contributed to include the following:

Michigan Slate Roof Tiles

  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Flint, MI (Unfading Black)
  • The Basilica of St. Anne in Detroit, MI (Unfading Black)
  • Selfridge Air Force Base in Harrison Township, MI (Unfading Black)
  • Forest Lake Golf & Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, MI (Unfading Black)
  • First Congregational Church in Charlotte, MI (Unfading Black with Pattern)

In addition to the numerous businesses and institutions that have opted for North Country Slate, many private homes in cities from Clarkson to Bloomfield Hills to Ann Arbor have chosen from our selection of slate colors to keep their dream home warm and dry.

Slate Roofing in MichiganHow to Order North Country Slate in Michigan

While our quick quote tool is always available for pricing simple jobs, the best way to order our slate is to reach out to us by phone or by email. We’re happy to take you through the entire process, from receiving a detailed and accurate quote to arranging delivery directly to your job site. Sample slates are available for color comparison to make sure that you get exactly the right slate for your project. We also offer design support services so that your architect or builder has all the resources they need conveniently at their disposal. Contact us today so that we can help you get started on your slate roof journey

Slate 101

Natural slate is formed by geothermal forces over the course of hundreds of millions of years and has long been relied upon as a high-quality natural roofing material. Its first documented use as a roofing material dates to 13th Century Europe, and it has been successfully demonstrating its durability and longevity ever since. With a service life that outlasts other roofing materials by decades, natural slate shingles have proven themselves to be among the highest tier of roofing materials available.

The Advantages of Slate Roofing Tiles

Natural slate shingles are stronger, last longer, and are more environmentally friendly than other roofing materials. All of our slates are ASTM S-1 graded for superior protection against wind, hail strikes, and fire. In addition to this protection, slate shingles are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, which makes them ideal for both warm and cold climates.


Roofing slate comes in a wide variety of standard shingle sizes beginning at 12 inches long and increasing in 2-inch increments to as long as 24 inches. Traditional slate widths range from 6-15 inches. Fun fact: a traditional slate’s width is never smaller than half its length.

Although different thicknesses will naturally produce different weights, the most frequently installed thickness of slate will weigh between 935-1170 lbs per 100 square feet of roof area.

The most common type of underlayment used for waterproofing the roof deck is # 30 asphalt organic felt, although different building codes may require different materials based on local climate and weather conditions. This underlayment is usually purchased in 72’ by 36” rolls, which will cover 216 square feet, or 2.16 roofing squares. It is recommended to purchase an additional 10% of the roof’s square footage to account for trimming and overlapping. You can see more about the underlayment installation process here.


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Chris Mccardle
Chris Mccardle
I have been purchasing slate from North Country slate for over 10 years now. I have never had one single issue with North Country Slate. Customer service is always on point, the communication is quick and accurate. From pricing to the shipping, the whole experience is easy and flawless. Thank you North Country for the the great service.
dale grube
dale grube
North Country Slate is professional, courteous and accurate. From a distributor standpoint they are everything you want/need. Sheena is a perfect 10.
North Country Slate delivers a high quality product. They take pride in providing the best customer experience.
John C
John C
North Country Slate is an excellent slate to use for your projects. We've used it extensively, and most recently at the Maryland State Capitol. This project was one of the finalists for International Steep Slope Project of the Year.
Mika Hunter
Mika Hunter
Chris and the rest of the staff at North Country slate are such a pleasure to work with! We have bought many thousands of squares of slate from them and every transaction has gone smooth and quality has been exceptional. Great people
Amy Hersh
Amy Hersh
Highly recommend North Country Slate. Our sales representative, Sheena Owen, is responsive, knowledgeable and the order process is smooth and efficient. We are very pleased by the quality of the slate we receive every time we order and their pricing is very reasonable. Can't go wrong with North Country Slate!