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Slate Roof Tiles in Texas

The slogan “Everything is Bigger in Texas” is just as true for slate roofing as it is for everything else the Lone Star State is famous for! Just like its instantly recognizable ten-gallon hats and the ever-popular Dallas Cowboys, North Country Slate has become a staple in the Texas triangle’s major cities in the last two decades. Slate has long been the preferred roofing material for many of Texas’ churches, courthouses, and government buildings, and North Country Slate has quickly emerged as the slate supplier of choice for institutions and private individuals alike. In fact, no fewer than 15 of Texas’ historic courthouse are now adorned with different colors of North Country Slate! In addition to the air of historic significance that slate roofs bestow upon institutions, slate roofs also bestow a natural majesty on the roofs of private homes. North Country Slate’s full range of colors has been installed across some of Houston’s most desirable neighborhoods, including Piney Point, River Oaks, and Tanglewood. North Country Slate has been installed on roofs across the Texas triangle, from Westlake to San Antonio. 

Fulton Mansion State Historic Site

How to Order North Country Slate in Texas

Get in touch with us, and we can walk you through the process! Our devoted and experienced customer service team is eager to help get you on track to installing your 100 Year Roof. We offer design support to help ensure that your new build or renovation comes complete with an outstanding statement roof. All colors of our slate can be requested in 12” x 8” sample sizes for your consideration, and we can ship them to you anywhere. Once you’ve selected the right option for your dream roof, we’ll arrange to ship the material directly to your site, and we can even recommend a trusted slate roofer to help get the job done!

Slate Projects in Texas

Slate is a 100% natural roofing material, formed underground by the forces of nature more than 5 million years ago. It is one of the oldest roofing materials still in use today, dating back to Scotland nearly 1,000 years ago. Due to its natural origin, slate is also one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials available.

Some of the more notable projects North Country Slate has contributed to in Texas include:

  • The famed Old Red Courthouse, now the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture, and a nationally registered historic site. North Country Slate supplied 238 squares of Unfading Green slate and Unfading Black slate for this roof renovation!
  • The Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest in Abilene, TX, features a beautiful blend of our Unfading Green as well as our Unfading Mottled Purple and Green to provide contrasting highlights.
  • The Fulton Mansion State Historic Site in Rockport, Texas is decorated with a striking and unique slate specially provided by North Country Slate called Welsh Purple.

In addition to supplying high-quality, ASTM S1-grade slate roofing materials across Texas, North Country Slate also maintains a network of reputable and reliable slate roof installation experts. Let us help you find the right slate for your home, and help you to pick out the best slate to keep your building warm, dry, and naturally beautiful for the next 100 years!

Dallas County CourthouseThe Advantages of North Country Slate

North Country Slate goes above and beyond its mission as a slate roof material provider. We’re a full-service roofing slate experience. Our design support service will help you realize your dream project by equipping your architects and builders with the tools necessary to bring your dream vision to life. We have the widest slate color variety on the continent for matching historical slates for refurbishment projects. Our ASTM S-1 graded roofing slate is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and fire, as well as wind and hail.


Slate has a long history in the development of the United States. Pennsylvania Slate provided safety and security for many homesteaders over the course of early American history. While the age of the famous Pennsylvania Peach Bottom Slate Bed has passed, top-quality roofing slate is still quarried across North America. We source our slate from the best quarries in Virginia, Vermont, and New York, and our Unfading Black slate is quarried in Quebec, Canada.

Unless catastrophic damage has compromised more than 30% of the roofing surface, slate roofs can easily be repaired by a qualified slate roof contractor. Shingles damaged by debris or acts of God can be removed and replaced to help extend the service life of your roof.

Slate shingles are usually priced in roofing squares, which cover 100 square feet of roof surface area. Most ASTM S-1 graded roofing slate will cost between $600-800 per square, depending on the scarcity and working properties of the given slate.

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