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With your roofing needs in mind, you can count on North Country Slate to provide high quality, North American produced roofing slates, with competitive prices and outstanding customer service to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your decision. Created by nature over 500 million years ago, natural roofing slate has been sheltering people from the elements for more than a thousand years. Natural roofing slate is a thing of beauty, a well sourced product, and when installed correctly, will protect your home for a century and beyond. A slate roof requires very little maintenance, and because it is so durable, it is resistant to chemical pollutants and acid rain. Natural slate is non-combustible and fireproof and-on top of all that-is the most environmentally friendly roofing material available today. The wealth and subtropical climate created by plantation agriculture has led to the emergence of some of South Carolina’s sophisticated buildings. South Carolina’s rich history, shaped by geographic diversity and culture, economic and political fortunes, Colonization, American Revolutionary War, Civil War and the Reconstruction years, have played a large part of the architectural styles of homes, courthouses, churches, government buildings and the universities we see today. The cultural diversity and early development of Charleston was influenced by French Protestants, English Immigrants, Scots, Germans, Sephardic Jews and Barbadians. By the 1760s, Charleston was one of the most architecturally sophisticated English colonies. South Carolina’s rich architectural style throughout the years include; Georgian (1700-1780), Federal (1780-1820), Greek Revival (1825-1860), Italianate (1840-1885) and Queen Anne (1880-1910). A great example of a Federal Georgian style home is the Ridgeley Hall in Aiken. Built in 1928, this is an impressive 11,000 square foot, 3 story brick house with a mansard slate roof. Our company’s North Country Unfading Black natural roofing slate was selected for the historical restoration of this home. North Country Slate has been a quarrier (Newfoundland Slate Inc.) and distributor of natural roofing slate since 1988. Exclusive distributor of North Country Unfading Black (Canadian Black) since 1997, this product is a premium quality roofing slate offering an elegant and lasting roof for both new construction and restoration projects. A smooth textured, rich black slate which has earned the admiration of architects, contractors and building owners around the world. Our colored slates are produced by select Vermont quarries to ensure our customers receive an excellent quality roofing slate product. Ten things to consider when choosing slate

  • Reliable slate supplier with a proven track record
  • Selecting an experienced slate/tile specialty roofer
  • Color characteristics; Unfading or Semi-Weathering slate
  • Oxidizable iron pyrite
  • Request sample(s) for approval
  • Concise specification and construction documents
  • Slate is produced in North America
  • Product availability
  • Current ASTM S-1 test results are available
  • Traditional installation or lightweight installation

Whether you live in Mount Pleasant, Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Summerville, Goose Creek, Hanahan, Mauldin, Simpsonville, Hilton Head Island or Bluffton you can count on our years of slate experience to ensure you get the technical advice and quality product ensuring durability and structural performance for a lifetime. When thinking about preserving South Carolina’s unique historical landmarks, it’s no wonder you should look for the best roofing product on the market in order to continue the tradition of great architectural style. Contact our office today at Toll Free 1-416-724-4666 for samples and materials quote.

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