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The end point of the historically significant Oregon Trail, and famously the endpoint of the Lewis and Clark expedition to cross the continental U.S, the state of Oregon is today more renowned for its diverse geography and abundant natural resources. Tourists flock to visit its majestic mountain peaks, the famous Oregon Caves, and the deepest lake in the United States at Crater Lake National Park. No roofing material is better matched to Oregon’s diverse geography, varied climate, and natural beauty than North Country Slate roofing tiles.

North Country Slate has been the preferred slate provider to the Beaver State for more than 20 years. Our slate roof tiles have been chosen to protect homes and businesses from the Oregon Coast to throughout the Willamette Valley, from Hammond to Lake Oswego to Portland. One of the buildings we’ve been most excited to provide slate tiles for is the First Citizen Bank building in Lake Oswego, Oregon, which we covered with our Unfading Black roofing slate. While our Unfading Black slate is undoubtedly our most popular in the state, we’re happy to offer our full range of slate colors to businesses and homeowners across the state.

How to Order Slate Roofing Tiles in Oregon

Reach out to us by phone or email and we’ll be ready to get you started! Our Quick Quote tool is available for simple job quotes, but our world-class sales and service team can walk you through every step of having slate tiles delivered to your job site. We’re able to provide sample slates for your color consideration, and we offer design support services to make certain that your architect or builder has all the information they need to bring your dream roof to life. Once you’ve got your slate selected, allow us to arrange delivery direct to your job site and get your statement roof started. Reach out to us and let us help you get your 100-year roof underway today!

Slate Roofing Projects in Oregon

Slate is formed by natural geothermal forces deep within the surface of the earth over the course of hundreds of millions of years. Unlike other roofing materials, it is completely naturally produced. Its extraction involves no harmful chemicals, making slate one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials available. It has a record of success dating back centuries, with the earliest record of slate being used as a roofing material dating back to 14th century Europe. No other roofing material has proved as successful for as long as natural slate tiles.

The Advantages of Slate Roofing Tiles

Beyond providing the highest-quality roofing slate in North America, North Country slate also offers design support services to make sure your roof is properly installed, and maintains a database of qualified slate roofing contractors we can recommend who do work in your area. Since a properly installed slate roof will guarantee a century of security, North Country Slate is proud to call itself the 100-year Roof.

Slate roofing tiles are resistant to fire and resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, an excellent safeguard against a rapidly changing climate. In addition to this natural resistance, all of our slate is ASTM S1 rated for protection against gale-force winds and hail storms. No other roofing material provides as much structural and environmental protection as North Country’s natural slate roof tiles.


For many centuries, slate roofs were constructed on barns and performed successfully without any roofing underlayment at all. For modern housing construction, a 30-pound asphalt-soaked felt underlayment is recommended and required by most building codes.

Slate has been relied upon as a high-quality roofing material since the early days of European exploration of North America. Originally discovered in the border area between Maryland and Pennsylvania, the first commercially operating slate quarry in North America was in Peach Bottom in Pennsylvania. Today, commercial quarries operate in Quebec, Canada, as well as in Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania in the U.S.

Most field slates are produced in variations of 18 or 20 inches, although many are produced in two-inch incremental lengths from 12-24 inches. Widths may also very, but slate tils are not recommended to be produced with a width less than half of the length of the slate. Slates are also produced in varying thicknesses, with the standard slate measuring from ¼ to 3/8 inches.


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Chris Mccardle
Chris Mccardle
I have been purchasing slate from North Country slate for over 10 years now. I have never had one single issue with North Country Slate. Customer service is always on point, the communication is quick and accurate. From pricing to the shipping, the whole experience is easy and flawless. Thank you North Country for the the great service.
dale grube
dale grube
North Country Slate is professional, courteous and accurate. From a distributor standpoint they are everything you want/need. Sheena is a perfect 10.
North Country Slate delivers a high quality product. They take pride in providing the best customer experience.
John C
John C
North Country Slate is an excellent slate to use for your projects. We've used it extensively, and most recently at the Maryland State Capitol. This project was one of the finalists for International Steep Slope Project of the Year.
Mika Hunter
Mika Hunter
Chris and the rest of the staff at North Country slate are such a pleasure to work with! We have bought many thousands of squares of slate from them and every transaction has gone smooth and quality has been exceptional. Great people
Amy Hersh
Amy Hersh
Highly recommend North Country Slate. Our sales representative, Sheena Owen, is responsive, knowledgeable and the order process is smooth and efficient. We are very pleased by the quality of the slate we receive every time we order and their pricing is very reasonable. Can't go wrong with North Country Slate!