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Slate Roof Tiles in Virginia

The first English colony to be permanently established in North America, the Commonwealth of Virginia is one of the most historically significant and interesting states in the United States. As Europeans gradually began settling the continent and establishing cities and territories, many turned to slate in order to put roofs over their heads. Slate quarried out of Buckingham County, VA, was recognized immediately for its quality, and is still regarded as one of the highest-quality roofing slates produced in North America. Given its long history and proximity to viable slate, it’s no surprise that slate roofs have been a staple of Virginia homes and institutions since the state’s inception.

North Country Slate has been providing roofing slate to the Old Dominion State for more than two decades, and has developed a reputation for uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction. From private homes, to churches, to military and government institutions, North Country Slate has been involved with the building and restoration of many incredible projects across the state of Virginia.

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How to Order North Country Slate in Virginia

Contact us! Our experienced and knowledgeable team is able to assist you with every step of the process in installing or repairing a slate roof. We can help you in selecting just the right color for your project by sending you sample slates to help you in your decision. Once you’ve decided upon the color and size of slate you’d like, our sales team will arrange a quote and provide an approximate lead time to help coordinate with your builders or architects. If you don’t have builders or architects, we’re happy to offer design support as well. Once your order is confirmed, we’ll have the materials shipped directly to your build site. Our reputation is built on our clients’ satisfaction, so we’ll make sure that every step of the order and install process is painless and you can start enjoying your North Country Slate 100-year roof.

Slate Projects in Virginia

Slate has been keeping houses warm and dry as a roofing material for more than 1000 years. It is produced in the earth’s core by the processes of nature over the course of millions of years, and its extraction involves no harmful chemical or environmentally hazardous materials. It is a low-maintenance roofing material, naturally fire-resistant, and is unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles.

Some of the more notable projects we’ve been lucky enough to contribute to include:

  • Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA (Unfading Black Slate Roof Tiles)
  • The Fairfax County Courthouse in Fairfax, VA (Unfading Black Slate Roof Tiles)
  • The Colonial Village Apartments in Arlington, VA (Semi-Weathering Gray/Black Slate Roof Tiles)
  • The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA (Unfading Black Slate Roof Tiles)

In addition to the projects listed above, North Country Slate has supplied its North Country Unfading Black slate to a number of buildings at Fort Myer in Arlington, VA, as well as many buildings on the Quantico Marine Corps base in Quantico, VA. While our Unfading Black Slate is undoubtedly our most popular color in the state of Virginia due to its unmatchable quality and naturally beautiful aesthetic, we offer a wide variety of slate colors for residential or commercial building or restoration projects. Choose any color you like, or else try a custom color blend to create a unique statement roof distinct from all others. 

The Advantages of North Country Slate

North Country slate has built our reputation by providing only the finest slate shingles produced in North America. Each slate in our extensive catalogue of color options is graded S-1 by ASTM International, guaranteed to provide protection from unimaginable hail chunks to windspeeds greater than 100 MPH. In addition to our world-class slate roof tiles, our design support services will help to ensure a painless and successful installation process. We’re able to offer a century of security because of the unmatched quality of our product, the support services we’re happy to provide, and most importantly, because our success is only measured by our customers’ satisfaction. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied with your North Country Slate 100-year roof.


Weights of slate roofs will vary depending on the thickness of the slate selected, but most standard thicknesses will weigh between 935 and 1,170 pounds per 100 square feet of roofing surface area,

The price of slate is determined by the working characteristics and comparative availability of the given slate. Our Semi-Weathering Gray/Green slate tile is easy to quarry, handle, and afford, while our Unfading Red slate is difficult to quarry and trim. Most ASTM S-1 graded roofing slate will cost from $600 to $800 per 100 square feet.

Even skilled amateurs can remove and replace damaged slates. With the use of a slate ripper, slates damaged by fallen tree limbs or storm debris can be replaced without compromising the roof’s integrity. We have more information about slate roof repair available here.

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Chris Mccardle
Chris Mccardle
I have been purchasing slate from North Country slate for over 10 years now. I have never had one single issue with North Country Slate. Customer service is always on point, the communication is quick and accurate. From pricing to the shipping, the whole experience is easy and flawless. Thank you North Country for the the great service.
dale grube
dale grube
North Country Slate is professional, courteous and accurate. From a distributor standpoint they are everything you want/need. Sheena is a perfect 10.
North Country Slate delivers a high quality product. They take pride in providing the best customer experience.
John C
John C
North Country Slate is an excellent slate to use for your projects. We've used it extensively, and most recently at the Maryland State Capitol. This project was one of the finalists for International Steep Slope Project of the Year.
Mika Hunter
Mika Hunter
Chris and the rest of the staff at North Country slate are such a pleasure to work with! We have bought many thousands of squares of slate from them and every transaction has gone smooth and quality has been exceptional. Great people
Amy Hersh
Amy Hersh
Highly recommend North Country Slate. Our sales representative, Sheena Owen, is responsive, knowledgeable and the order process is smooth and efficient. We are very pleased by the quality of the slate we receive every time we order and their pricing is very reasonable. Can't go wrong with North Country Slate!