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Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church – 756 Mission Street,

Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church – 756 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

By     Mar 12th, 2018

The Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church, built in 1872 is said to be the most Irish church in America with its Connemara marble pillars, exterior and stained glass windows.

Arial view of the natural roofing slate, North Country Unfading Black on the roof of Saint Patrick's Catholic Church

The Victorian Gothic style church was rebuilt after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck San Francisco on April 18, 1906 at 5:12 am. Fires broke out in the city and lasted several days, destroying 80% of San Francisco and displacing thousands of Irish residents.

Old picture of damage to Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco and surrounding area

The church suffered minor damage from another large earthquake, 6.9 magnitude on October 17, 1989.  In 1998 the church spent $4 million dollars on seismic renovation work which included strengthening the roof.  The slate shingles were removed then reinstalled.

View of the natural slate roof from the side of the Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in San Francisco

Natural roof slates have been used for centuries because of their strength, durability, water resistance, fire resistance, resistant to chemical pollutants, minimum maintenance and most environmentally friendly roofing material available today.  An ASTM S1 rated natural roofing slate will last a minimum of 75 years, which is why most graceful buildings in the world have as their crowning glory an inspiring slate roof.  Countless churches, universities and sprawling mansions all owe their majesty, in part, to the enduring elegance of natural roofing slate.

View from above showing the natural roofing slates, North Country Unfading Black, installed on the Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in San Francisco

Some of our natural roofing slate projects in California include;  St. Paul’s Church , San Francisco Theological Seminary, Murphy Windmill and Millwrights Cottage at the Golden Gate Park as well as numerous custom homes.

High quality North Country natural roofing slates come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  We supplied 98 squares of our North Country Unfading Black natural roofing slates (18” x 12” x ¼”). This natural roofing slate is premium quality offering an elegant and lasting roof for both new construction and restoration projects. It is a smooth, rich black slate produced by a single quarry, North America’s largest and exclusive to North Country Slate.

By     Mar 12th, 2018

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