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Slate Roof Tiles in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is widely and proudly known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, a beautiful and natural haven of wood and wetland, and testament to the rugged beauty of the American Frontier. Its settlement by early homesteaders contributed to its reputation as a state of determined individuals and caring community leaders alike. From its early American history as a bastion of freedom and individualism, to its modern status as a significant economic and agricultural force in the United States, Minnesota has earned a reputation for strength and perseverance. Now home to the sparkling Twin Cities and to the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, the North Star State embodies the strength, durability, and resilience of the American Spirit.

North Country Slate has been the most relied-upon supplier of slate roofing materials to Minnesota for more than twenty years. Like the Minnesotan character, slate roofs are strong, durable, and resilient, in addition to possessing a natural beauty. Slate roofs have emerged as a popular choice across the state of Minnesota, from St. Cloud to Prior, and across the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

More and more businesses, institutions, and individuals in Minnesota are opting for slate roofs to provide shelter and security for their homes and other properties. North Country Slate tiles provide the protection that can withstand even the harshest of Minnesota’s wild winter weather. If you’re investing in a new build or considering a renovation, then the 100-year roof from North Country Slate is the best pace to start.

How to Order Slate Roof Tiles  in Minnesota

It’s as easy as reaching out to our outstanding customer service team. Our quick quote tool is also available for simple job predictions. We’re ready to guide you through the whole process by supplying  sample slate tiles for your color consideration. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff will be able to quote rates specific to your project needs, as well as recommend experienced and qualified architects and slate roof contractors in your area. Once you’ve decided on the perfect slate tile for your statement roof, we’ll arrange delivery directly to your job site. From inspiration to installation, North Country Slate is here for you.

Slate Projects in Minnesota

Slate roof tiles are among the most reliable roofing products in history. Their natural strength and beauty have made them a popular and consistent roofing choice for more than 1,000  years. Formed deep under the surface of the earth over the course of millions of years, slate rock is a completely natural product. Its extraction involves no harmful chemicals, making it one of the most environmentally friendly roofing products available. Resistant to fire and to freeze-thaw cycles, the natural resilience and durability of slate shingles give roofs a service life that exceeds that of lesser shingles by decades.

Some of the more exciting projects that we’ve been lucky enough to contribute to in Minnesota include:

  • The James J. Hill House Museum in Saint Paul, MN (Unfading Black slate roof tiles)
  • The Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN (Multicolor Blend slate roof tiles)
  • The Fort Snelling Historic Complex in Saint Paul, MN (Unfading Black slate roof tiles)

The Advantages of North Country Slate

North Country Slate provides the highest-quality slate roof tiles available in North America. All of our slate is rated S-1 by ASTM International, guaranteeing protection from the worst weather the world has to offer, from devastating hail to windspeeds greater than 100 MPH. In addition to our world-class slate roof tiles, we offer design support services so that we can help you bring your dream project to fruition. We build our success based only on our customers’ satisfaction, so we make every effort to guarantee that your 100-year roof is the realization of your dreams.


The cost of slate is calculated based on a roofing square, which covers 100 square feet of roofing surface area. The average cost of ASTM S-1 roofing slate is $600-$800, depending on the slate selected. The cost of slate is determined by the availability of the slate as well as its working properties – for example, our Semi-Weathering Gray/Green slate is plentiful and pliable, while our Unfading Red slate is scarce and challenging to quarry.

High-quality roofing slate has been used in the harshest climate conditions in the world. The earliest historical record of slate roofs is in the notoriously windy climate of Northern Scotland. Slate shingles’ resistance to both extreme weather events and the regular freeze-thaw cycles that produce wear and tear on lesser shingles give it a service life that outlasts its competition by decades.

Catastrophic weather events, as well as wind-borne debris and broken tree limbs, may occasionally damage or dislodge slate shingles. Fear not! With the use of a slate ripper, a skilled slater can remove and replace slates that have been lost or damaged. Generally, if not more than 20-30% shingles have been compromised, your slate roof is ready for repair.

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Chris Mccardle
Chris Mccardle
I have been purchasing slate from North Country slate for over 10 years now. I have never had one single issue with North Country Slate. Customer service is always on point, the communication is quick and accurate. From pricing to the shipping, the whole experience is easy and flawless. Thank you North Country for the the great service.
dale grube
dale grube
North Country Slate is professional, courteous and accurate. From a distributor standpoint they are everything you want/need. Sheena is a perfect 10.
North Country Slate delivers a high quality product. They take pride in providing the best customer experience.
John C
John C
North Country Slate is an excellent slate to use for your projects. We've used it extensively, and most recently at the Maryland State Capitol. This project was one of the finalists for International Steep Slope Project of the Year.
Mika Hunter
Mika Hunter
Chris and the rest of the staff at North Country slate are such a pleasure to work with! We have bought many thousands of squares of slate from them and every transaction has gone smooth and quality has been exceptional. Great people
Amy Hersh
Amy Hersh
Highly recommend North Country Slate. Our sales representative, Sheena Owen, is responsive, knowledgeable and the order process is smooth and efficient. We are very pleased by the quality of the slate we receive every time we order and their pricing is very reasonable. Can't go wrong with North Country Slate!