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Slate Roof Tiles in Missouri

Missouri is the historical “Mother of the West” in US history, the first state in its long realization of its manifest destiny policy, as well as being the origin point for the famed Oregon Trail and Pony Express. Also known as “The Show Me State”, Missouri is famous for its Gateway Arch in St. Louis representing the gateway to the west in the days of early U.S. expansion. Missouri is home to a large number of professional sports franchises including MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals, the NHL’s St. Louis Blues, and the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. Many famous Americans are Missouri natives, including Mark Twain, Brad Pitt and Walt Disney, and its favorable business environment has helped to establish it as a base of operations for such businesses as Edward Jones, H & R Block, and Anheuser-Busch.

North Country Slate has been proudly supplying  top-quality roofing slate material to the state of Missouri since 1997. Private residences in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas of the state have been roofed using our slate tiles , in colors ranging from our Semi-Weathering Gray slate to our Unfading Purple slate, often in combination to create a truly unique roof aesthetic.

How to Order Slate Roof Tiles  in Missouri

You’re only a few clicks away: reach out to our exceptional customer service team, and we’ll get you on your way. All of our slate colors are available in sample sizes for your consideration. We’re happy to offer design support services to help you design your dream home, and once you’ve chosen the perfect slate to protect it, we’ll arrange for delivery directly to your job site. Get in touch today, and we’ll help you get started on your next century of security with a North Country Slate 100-year roof.

Slate Projects in Missouri

Slate is a completely natural material that’s been protecting people for more than 1,000 years. Forged by nature over the course of millions of years, it is manually extracted from the earth without the use of harmful chemicals and shaped into shingles with chisels and hammers. It is one of the strongest and most environmentally friendly roofing materials available, and it has demonstrated its reliability for centuries. 

In addition to the wide variety of private residences we have supplied, some of the projects we are proud to have contributed to include:

  • Our Lady of the Pillar Catholic Church in St. Louis, MO. (Unfading Black slate roof tiles)
  • The Bank of Kirksville in Laplata, MO (Semi-Weathering Purple slate roof tiles)
  • The Boeing Aircraft Training School in St. Louis, MO (Unfading Black slate roof tiles)
  • The National Military Heritage Museum in St. Joseph, MO (Unfading Black slate roof tiles)

The Advantages of North Country Slate

North Country Slate offers the best quality roofing slate produced in North America. We boast a huge array of color options for new builds, and we’re the best suited for matching historical slates for refurbishment projects. All of our slate shingles are ASTM S-1 rated for their service life, guaranteeing protection from hailstorms to gale storms and all weathers in between. Our design support services ensure that your architects and builders are well-equipped to get the job done right. North Country Slate is the 100-year roof because a properly installed slate roof will provide security for a century and beyond.


Depending on the slate’s rarity and its working characteristics, the price of slate tiles will vary. A common slate that quarries and trims easily, such as our Semi-Weathering Gray/Green slate roof tiles, will be more affordable than the much more rare and difficult to quarry than our Unfading Red slate roof tiles. An average ASTM S-1 rated slate will cost about $600 to $800 per 100 square feet of roofing surface area.

Slate tiles  are usually hole punched at the quarry for standard slates, although unpunched slate is also quarried for starter slate or hip and ridge slate customization. Skilled slaters will be able to trim and punch these shingles with their slate hammer and trimmer to fit valley and dormer roof sections. The shingles are nailed directly into the roof deck using 10-gauge copper nails with different lengths for different slate thicknesses.

Different thicknesses will naturally produce different weights, but the most common slate sizes will weigh between 935 and 1.170 pounds per 100 square feet of roofing area.

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Chris Mccardle
Chris Mccardle
I have been purchasing slate from North Country slate for over 10 years now. I have never had one single issue with North Country Slate. Customer service is always on point, the communication is quick and accurate. From pricing to the shipping, the whole experience is easy and flawless. Thank you North Country for the the great service.
dale grube
dale grube
North Country Slate is professional, courteous and accurate. From a distributor standpoint they are everything you want/need. Sheena is a perfect 10.
North Country Slate delivers a high quality product. They take pride in providing the best customer experience.
John C
John C
North Country Slate is an excellent slate to use for your projects. We've used it extensively, and most recently at the Maryland State Capitol. This project was one of the finalists for International Steep Slope Project of the Year.
Mika Hunter
Mika Hunter
Chris and the rest of the staff at North Country slate are such a pleasure to work with! We have bought many thousands of squares of slate from them and every transaction has gone smooth and quality has been exceptional. Great people
Amy Hersh
Amy Hersh
Highly recommend North Country Slate. Our sales representative, Sheena Owen, is responsive, knowledgeable and the order process is smooth and efficient. We are very pleased by the quality of the slate we receive every time we order and their pricing is very reasonable. Can't go wrong with North Country Slate!