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North Country Semi-Weathering Gray/Green (Sea Green)

Semi-Weathering Sea Green Slate Roofing Shingles North Country Semi-Weathering Gray/Green (Sea Green) is a premium quality roofing slate. Gray/Green when quarried, a percentage of these semi-weathering green slate will weather to tones of brown and buff over time. North Country Semi-Weathering Green roof shingles provides moderate color and texture variations while maintaining a primary background color of green. These semi-weathering roof shingles are frequently used as the base color in multi-colored slate roofs. Produced by select Vermont quarries, this slate meets or exceeds ASTM standards as an S-1 rated roofing slate.
Semi-Weathering Sea Green Roof With Copper Ridge Cap

Semi-Weathering Sea Green roof with copper ridge cap and gutter detail.

Gilman School Athletic Center

Gilman School Athletic Center in Roland Park, Baltimore. Sea Green, single size 24x12x1/4-3/8” natural slate.

North Country Semi-Weathering Green Gable Roofs

North Country Semi-Weathering Green gable roofs. Natural slate withstanding the freeze / thaw cycles of the great Canadian Rocky Mountain winters

Natural North Country Semi-Weathering Gray/Green

Natural North Country Semi-Weathering Gray/Green (Sea Green) random width slates.

Sea Green Slate Roof With Mitred Hip Installation

Sea Green slate roof with mitred hip installation detail.

Semi-Weathering Gray/Green

Semi-Weathering Gray/Green. Copper flashings

Custom Home Project With Semi-Weathering Green Slate

Custom home project with Semi-Weathering Green slate. Mitred hip and saddle ridge detail.

Commercial Roofing Project In Banff, Alberta

Commercial roofing project in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Pipe-style snow guards system to prevent snow and ice from sliding off roof.

Gray/Green Slate Weathering

Gray/Green slate weathering to tones of buff, brown and tan. Open valley installation with non-corroding flashing. Copper ridge flashing. Three pipe-style snow guard system.

Gray/Green Graduated Natural Slate Roofing Project In Toronto

S/W Gray/Green graduated natural slate roofing project in Toronto, Canada. ASTM S-1 rated.

Custom home in Ormond Place / Boulevard Oaks Houston, Texas with weathering slate roof

Moffat Library of Washingtonville, Queen Anne Style architecture with Semi-weathering grey/green slate roof

Moffat Library of Washingtonville in New York. Queen Anne Style Architecture with Semi-Weathering Gray/Green slate roof 16" x random width x 1/4"-3/8"

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I have never had anything except a 5 Star Experience when working with North Country Slate.

- ABC Supply, Outside Sales

When our clients are looking for a natural slate roof, we highly recommend North Country Slate.

- Raines Brothers, Inc.

We have used North Country black on a large number of occasions, and we’ve found it to be an excellent quality slate it is very “workable”.

- John Chan, The Durable Slate Company
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The standard sizes for roofing slate start at 12″ in length and increase by 2-inch increments up to 24″ in length. Read More
How much does a slate roof cost? We are often asked by designers, architects, home and building owners “What will a slate roof cost me”?
On average, North American produced S-1 rated roofing slate will cost $400 – $600 USD per square (100 square feet) or $4.00 to $6. Read More

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