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Where does unfading green roofing slate come from?

By     Apr 8th, 2019
Natural roofing slate formed 400 million to 550 million years ago, is a microcrystalline, fine grained metamorphic rock. The color of slate comes from the region’s mineral and chemical composition. The main minerals are quartz/silica, white mica, black mica, chlorite, hematite and carbonates. Chlorite produces green slates.

Installing a natural slate product for a turret roof

By     Mar 26th, 2019
As defined by the National Slate Association, a turret is “a small, round or polygonal tower in plan, often with a conical or hipped roof”. Also known as a conical or radius roof it helps to know your geometry! The following are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to a natural turret slate roof.

How much does a slate roof weigh?

By     Feb 6th, 2019
How much does slate weigh?  That’s a great question, especially when you are comparing it against other roofing products.  Roofing slate created by nature over 500 million years ago has been used as a roof covering for more than a thousand years! Back in 1926, the commercial standard slate thickness was 3/16”.