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Low Pitched Slate Roof with a 4″ Headlap

By     Aug 24th, 2018
The Trenton City Museum (formally known as Ellarslie / Henry McCall House) in Trenton NJ was built in 1848 for Henry McCall a military commander at the Battle of New Orleans.  In the 1880’s McCall’s son sold the house to the city of Trenton (Cadwalader Park).

What is a mansard slate roof?

By     Jul 30th, 2018
[caption id="attachment_3057" align="alignleft" width="300"] Example of a convex mansard slate roof[/caption] A mansard roof is a four-sided gambrel style hip roof.  Some include elaborate dormer windows for added interior light. The mansard roof is a curb hip roof with slopes on all sides of the building.

Arkansas Slate roof replacement

By     Jul 4th, 2018
A hundred and sixteen years after it was built in 1889, the Pulaski County Courthouse in the heart of downtown Little Rock, Arkansas needed a slate roof replacement.  Slate a durable and long lasting roofing product is also resistant to chemical pollutants and acid rain.

The benefits of Canadian Slate Roof Tiles

By     Jun 28th, 2018
Between 2016-2017 we supplied our North Country Unfading Black roofing slate for the re-roof of the former Bank of Upper Canada, De La Salle Institute and Toronto’s First Post Office. The Unfading Black slate is quarried by Glendyne Inc in St.

How to cut slate roof tiles

By     May 31st, 2018
Slate roof tiles are ordered by size and thickness. In some cases, you may need to trim slate to smaller pieces or cut slate based on a roof pattern. The following steps along with the video will show you how easy it is to cut slate roof tiles. Flip the slate roof tile over so that the back of the slate is facing up.